A Question For Parents

February 9, 2012 — 4 Comments

Today I have a question for all of you who are parents:  “What would you like to say about your child when they reach the age of 30?”

If you answered “I would like to say that my child loves Jesus Christ as his/her personal savior” then you can probably move on to another blog post.  But if you said anything different, then maybe you should keep reading.  In today’s culture, most people will answer that question that they want their child to be successful, or have a good job, or be happy in their marriage.  We spend much of our time as parents preparing our children to grow into productive, responsible citizens.  If that is your main focus as a parent, then you may be missing the boat.

If you are visiting this blog and reading the information that I post here, chances are that you are a Christian.  And I would imagine that the majority of my readers also attend church on a regular basis.  So as parents I would venture to guess that you probably take your children to church on a regular basis as well.  That is great, but did you know that taking your children to church is not enough.

Statistics show that 50% of the children that attend church today will at some point in their lives turn away from Jesus.  That means that if you have 2 kids, one of them will probably walk away from Jesus, even if you take them to church every Sunday.  That is a very sobering thought.  Think of all of the children who attend your church, half of them will lost by the time they become adults.

Instilling Christian values into your children is more than just taking them to church.  We, as parents, have put so much emphasis on raising our kids to be responsible adults that we sometimes forget to raise them to be followers of Christ as adults.  It is our responsibility as parents to show our children by our example what it means to love Jesus Christ as our personal Savior as an adult.  In other words, at home we have to practice what our children are preached when they are at church.

These thoughts were brought to my attention this week while my wife and I were teaching a class at our church from Focus on the Family titled “Faith That Lasts.”  I highly recommend this video lesson series for any group of parents who are concerned about their children’s faith and developing that faith into one that lasts a lifetime.  It will open your eyes, step on your toes, and give you insight on how to better prepare your children to become adults that love Jesus.

What do you want to say about your child when he/she turns 30 years old?  Or more importantly, what would grieve you to say about your child?


4 responses to A Question For Parents

  1. Both of mine came to know Christ some time ago. I hope that mine are on their way to being godly parents at that time.

    • Mine too Larry, and I hope the same thing. But we never know so we have to continue to lead by example showing our kids how much we love Him as well as them.

  2. You are too late. I already have two who have passed that age. But the greatest thing I would want said it they love Jesus and follow Him. they both do.

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