Not Ashamed Of Jesus

March 12, 2012 — 2 Comments

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all. who’s been searching for  Well in this case our mirror on the wall is located in Mountain View, California; Google.

Today we are going to take a look at what brings people to  If you don’t write for a blog or website online then you might not know that each move you make on the internet is being tracked, data is collected and your browsing habits are being analyzed.  One of the things that Google keeps track of is the number of times a website appears in its Google Search pages.  Not only does Google supply us with that information, but it allows us to know what terms are keyed into the search box that caused our site to appear.  This information is very valuable to companies that are vying for your attention and your money.  For us here at it is just interesting to see what you are searching for when you found us, and sometimes it can be quite humorous as well.

Let’s lift the covers off of the Google Search analytics and take a look at what brings you to my little corner of the internet.

Top 5 Google Search Terms

  1. Tim Tebow Wallpaper – who would have thought that my little rant back in January would have caused so many hits on Google, but in just 2 short months this search query has shot to the number one slot with over 12,000 impressions (the number of times that we have appeared in the search results) and over 150 actual clicks (the number of times someone chose us out of all of the search results that were listed.
  2. Don’t have a grandson with a dog collar – Directv should be paying me for this kind of advertising.  I am sure that most of the over 5000 people who searched this were surprised to see this commercial tied in to the Bible.
  3. Who am I? – I guess a lot of people are searching for their identity online, but because of a Bible Trivia App reviewed back in October of last year, this has been the third top search string for
  4. Let it Snow Google – It doesn’t hurt to have a search for something dealing with Google turn up you website.  But this little Christmas Easter Egg that Google provided us with has brought plenty of search traffic to
  5. paraskevidekatriaphobia - For those of you who don’t remember, this is the fear of Friday the 13th.  This has only happened once so far this year, but people evidently search for this word daily, there is not many days that go by without this search bringing someone to  Who would have thought that superstitions would be driving people to learn more about God and technology.

Now what you know what our most popular search terms are, let’s look at some of the more strange search strings that draws people to visit with us.  These are just chosen as some of what I consider to be the weirdest.

  1. 666 – this really is a little weird that searching for the sign of the anti-christ would bring people to a Christian website but hey God works in mysterious ways sometimes.
  2. 02547 – I have no idea what this means.  Maybe it’s some top-secret code or something, but people searched this string and wound up here, go figure.
  3. New England Patriots Wallpaper – This one bothers me more than the 666.  I’m sorry if I offend anyone, but I am not a New England Patriots fan.  (note to my wife – please don’t let this discourage you from continuing to read my blog, I know how you feel about the Patriots.)
  4. iPad back button – for anyone who is searching for this, there is not one.  That is the Android that has a back button.  The iPad only has a home button.
  5. What’s for supper  - I had fried chicken and barbecue.  (Note to those searching:  you really should be looking in the kitchen and not Google for the answer to this question.)  - On second thought, it was probably my daughter searching for this question.

Out of the more than 110,000 times that ChristianDroid has appeared in the Google search results, there is one search string that stands out as my favorite.  In fact I am proud to say that appeared in this particular search.  My favorite Google Search String that we appeared in the results is:

Not Ashamed Of Jesus

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.  What an honor and privilege it is to have Google associate this site with “Not ashamed of Jesus.”  Who am I to argue with the brilliant minds that created the world’s largest search engine.

What search string would you like to see your name listed in the results?

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  1. Sister Sex has brought more people to my blog….because I wrote a post about Jacob, Leah and Rachel and their sex lives.

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