Standing Up For Christmas

December 5, 2012 — 3 Comments

14 Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel. Isaiah 7:14 ESV

All too often today people are so concerned with upsetting others and trying to be politically correct that they lose the real meaning of Christmas. You can see this every day when you turn on the television and watch the hundreds of “holiday” shopping ads that we are bombarded with.

I understand that we must be tolerant of others beliefs and opinions, however, that does not mean that I have to hide my beliefs in an effort to appease those that don’t agree with me. Just as it is their right to say “Happy Holidays” it is my right to say “Merry Christmas.”

The problem is that many companies today are so worried about alienating customers that they have strayed from their own believes. However, I am proud to say that this is not the case with all companies.

Some of you may know that when I am not masquerading as a super-hero blogger, I am the sales manager at a local car dealership. I have worked at this same family owned business for the past 18 years and one of the reasons that I have stayed with this company is that the company, its owner, and I share the same sense of values.

There are two things that I can count on while working at this dealership. The first is that we will not work on Sunday, no matter how bad sales have been we are closed on Sunday. (If you have ever spent any time around the car business you will know that this is a rarity indeed.) The second is that I never have to worry about saying Merry Christmas when at work. I am not pressured to go out of my way not to express my faith by minimizing the importance of Christ in Christmas.

So earlier this year when I was shown the following advertisement and asked for my opinion, I did not hesitate to say “yes, run it.”

This may be a simple local car dealership advertisement but I am proud to work for an organization that is not afraid to let everyone know that they put Christ in Christmas. I am proud to work for a company that is not ashamed to express their beliefs even if it might cause some to choose to shop elsewhere.

I have been overwhelmed by the positive response that this advertisement has received. We receive several emails and phone calls each day expressing support for our stand for Christ in Christmas. Of course, there have been the occasional “offended” emails stating that they will not support our business. But as I stated earlier, that is their right to decide where to shop.

I believe that if you put God first in your life, whether your personal or business life, then God will reward you with blessings beyond your imagination, so I doubt very seriously that we will ever miss the business of those offended.

Christmas is a joyous time of celebration but Christ is what brings us that joy, not a new car, not a new toy, not even money. Without Christ it was just be Mas.

Have you observed businesses putting Christ back in Christmas this year?

Note: I hope that you will not take thisi post as a shameless self promotion, I did not have anything to do with the creation of this ad copy. Instead I just wanted to use it as an example that you can run a business and stand by your beliefs at the same time.

I wonder what Christmas thought Bill has on his mind today?


3 responses to Standing Up For Christmas

  1. I think the ad is cool and if I lived in that area your dealership would definitely find me visiting (although I just bought a Frontier so please don’t shoot me). In Indiana it is state law to be closed on Sunday, but a volunteer closing speaks volumes. Please pass along my respects to the owner.

  2. Should be regards and respect to the owner. :)

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