A New Year’s Block Of Cheese

January 1, 2013 — 2 Comments

To start the New Year properly, I have a New Year’s Block of Cheese for you. These random thoughts have cluttered my mind and sometimes I just have to clear them out to make room for more random clutter.

  • I know that I haven’t been as diligent with posting for the last week as I usually am. I have been a little under the weather with a bad cold and have been working and sleeping. I was able to stay awake and ring in the New Year, unfortunately, not in my own time zone. I celebrated with all those revelers in the UK while I was sitting at home in North Carolina. By the time the New Year made it to the US I was in bed celebrating with a huge dose of cold medicine.
  • Over the years I could always count on messing up more than a few checks by writing the wrong year on them once December ended, I don’t have this problem any longer, not because I am getting wiser, I don’t write checks any more. (For you young folks, checks are what us old people used to write on preprinted paper obtained from the bank to pay for stuff when we didn’t have the cash in our pockets.)
  • According to the check manufacturers, people are still writing checks; however, I think if you quiz the debit card companies their answer would probably be a little different.  I wonder if banks will stop calling these accounts checking accounts? Or have they already, I don’t believe I went inside my bank more than once in the past two years (to deposit a check of course). My mother, who spent 40 plus years working at the same bank, certainly wouldn’t approve, but everything is done electronically these days.
  • I resolve… I have certainly read a lot of posts and articles over the past couple of days about resolutions. Some have been about those made and kept, some didn’t do very well, while others refuse to give in to the temptation to announce a change in lifestyle to coincide with the new year. I have always said that my only resolution was not to make any resolutions.

  • Even though that is what I have always stated, I think that all of us make small resolutions to ourselves each year. Maybe it is something easy; like be nicer to others or to smile more often. But regardless, we all want to improve our lives in some way and so we make little promises to ourselves that we will change something. Sooner or later we fall back on those promises and wind up disappointing ourselves with our lack of following through.
  • Failing to live up to our promises brings disappointment. In the case of New Year’s Resolutions, the disappointment is usually found within ourselves. However, failure to live up to our bigger promise to God causes Him disappointment as well. Thankfully, God is a forgiving Father and this disappointment is short-lived and forgotten. But it is still disappointment. Think about how you have disappointed God over the past year and resolve to not make the same errors. How’s that for a resolution?
  • From resolutions to reality (ok not really). Can reality shows get any more stupid? You can not turn on the television without seeing a someone scavenging for lost treasure in the trash piles of America, stupid humans doing stupid things, kids that are out of control and need a good old-fashioned belt to the buttocks, or celebrities (who makes these decisions) doing things that they are not really good at doing. It has gotten out of control. People are willing to do anything to get on television these days. I can’t help but think that there is going to be a long line at the Pearly Gates while St. Peter reviews television footage and looks at people asking, “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?”
  • Speaking of reality shows, there is one being advertised on a cooking channel and one of the contestants makes the following statement in the commercial. “We are celebrities but we will stop at nothing to win.” Good television right? Except it took my wife and I almost a month to figure out who this “celebrity” was. Doesn’t say much for celebrity status these days does it?
  • Returning to teach. Some of you might know that I have taken a sabbatical from my Sunday School teaching over the last 2 months. Well the vacation is over and I go back to teaching this next Sunday. Please pray for me as I get back into my studies and return to the classroom.
  • 2012 is history. Some around my house are excited about putting the old year behind us and getting started on the new one. I must say that I feel that way a little myself. It has been a difficult year around my house, however, I am grateful for each day that the Lord has given us. I am thankful that our family, even though a little beat up at times, is still intact. We as people are truly blessed by the Lord each day, we just have to look for the blessings around us.
  • This reminds me of one of my favorite verses in the Bible, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7
  • Remember, we have to “Ask,” “Seek,” and “Knock” just sitting back waiting for God to come to you doesn’t work, so get up off your buttocks and get to seeking God in your life.
  • Did you know that was 2 times I used the word “buttocks” in a blog post? Maybe next year I will shoot for three.
  • Since this is the beginning of the new year, I have also noticed that seems to be tradition in the blogosphere to take a look back at how the blog has done over the past twelve months. I could take the time to review the top posts of the year, or to discuss the amount of visitors that have shown up over these 365 days, or even brag about the number of page views and “hits” that are tracked by web statistics programs all over the internet. However, I am not usually one to stick with tradition, so I figured I would just jot down a few thoughts about the blog.

We grew. The statistics tell us that more people read this blog this year than in the previous year. That’s a blessing. It doesn’t matter how much more, how many people, or how many page views there were. Somebody showed up and for that I am grateful.

We met new and interesting people. I never knew when I started this project almost 2 years ago that one of the biggest blessings that I would receive would be from the online friendships that would take root right here. I am grateful for your friendship.

I still have more to write. Just when it seems that my brain is empty and there are no more thoughts to be typed onto these pages, God opens my eyes and shows me that there is so much more out there to be discovered and discussed. I am grateful for His vision.

What will 2013 bring? That is the question that only He knows the answer to, however, I am grateful to be along as a passenger for this journey with Him.

  • Since this week is a bit crazy with illness, working, vacations, teaching, and just getting over the holidays; I will continue to be on a partial schedule for posting on ChristianDroid.com for the rest of the week. This post you are reading now will appear sometime during the day on Jan 1st and the next scheduled post will be on January 3rd, when I will post my Video of the Week one day early. Regular scheduled posts will resume on Monday, January 7; unless of course, I get something on my mind between now and then.
  • Until then, have a good week!

What’s been on your mind over the holidays?

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