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How many times have you had the best intentions of inviting someone to church, only to put off making that phone call or contact until you finally give up on the idea. Or when was the last time that you dropped someone a note and let them know that they had been missed at church. Do you regularly tell people that you appreciate the work that they are doing for the Lord?

Now ChurchInviter.com makes it easy for your church members to share these messages and more with others. By embedding their Evites on your church website, your members can send an e-card to anyone with an email address. The ecards are delivered to the recipient’s email inbox along with a personal message. These Evites are great for inviting new members to church, sending thoughtful notes to other members, or even a quick thank you. Each Evite contains your church address and website embedded in the card to let the receiver know where the card originated.

Evites are available for churches of all denominations and are simple to setup and install on your church website. Any webpage that you can embed html code can display the Evites. Once the Evites are customized for your church and the code is embedded on the page it is a snap for your members to send a message. And not only can messages be sent via email, there are also options to send the Evite via Twitter and Facebook.

ChurchInviter.com has two plans available to meet the needs of any size church or congregation. The free service allows you to embed up to 12 different designs and to send up to 75 evites per month. This should be sufficient for most small to medium sized congregations. A premium plan is available for those with larger needs, allowing you to embed an unlimited amount of evites on your website and send an unlimited number of evites per month. The premium package also includes statistics, technical support and free one-time installation. All of the premium features are available for only $9.95 per month or $59.95 per year.

ChurchInviter.com makes the setup simple and embedding the evites on your church website is a breeze. Once you have chosen the cards that you would like to appear, it is just a matter of copying and pasting the html code into your webpage. Within minutes of signing up your members can be sending evites.

Christian Invites by ChurchInviter.com

This shows just a sample of the evites that are available. There are cards for just about all occasions and holidays. You can personalize the look of the widget on your website and even upload a logo to be embedded at the top of the Evite. I set this up in just a couple of minutes this past weekend on our church website, marlborochurch.com, and within an hour, I had a member contact me to express her appreciation for these new additions to our ministry.

This helps me convert my “good intentions” into action.

That is exactly what evites are designed to do. These embedded ecards help your members put their good intentions into action. We all have been guilty of having the best intentions when it comes to inviting someone to join us for worship. Evites now takes away the excuses.

And since the evites are free to get started there is no reason not to add this to your church ministries website and start E-viting others to join you in worship.

You can learn more about evites at churchinviter.com and by watching the video below.

Have you invited someone to church recently?

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