Signs of Aging

January 8, 2013 — 4 Comments

I have come to a startling conclusion over the last couple of weeks. I’m getting old. (I’ll wait while you recover from your shock.) Yes, believe it or not, I’m getting older each day.

This may not seem like much of a revelation to most of you but I have noticed over the past couple of months several signs that I am getting older. So for all of you young folks out there I thought I would share some of the warning signs that I have noticed.

  • I am starting to act like my father. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the man and miss him terribly each day, but I never thought I would transform into his reincarnated being.
  • While at home during the holidays and searching for something to watch on television, my family and I started watching a show about the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Never been a Dallas football fan, but have always been a fan of the cheerleaders. However, while watching this television series, the only thing that I could think was “these girls need to put on some more clothes before they catch cold.” Definite sign of getting old.
  • My handwriting is getting a little sloppier than I remember it my younger days. At first I thought that it was because I type everything instead of writing, but now I realize it is just age catching up to me.
  • I used to laugh at older men who kept their pants pulled up high on their waist, now I laugh at the younger guys whose underwear is showing, while I’m tugging on my pants pulling them up higher and higher.
  • I realized that “young men’s” clothes don’t fit me anymore. They may be stylish but when I try them on, they pinch!
  • I have mentioned here before how punctuation rules have changed over time, but I did not realize that the rules for font sizes have changed in printed media. Newspapers, books, and magazines continually shrink the sizes of their fonts each year. I guess it could be my eyes, but I’m going to keep blaming them for the time being.
  • I used to hate wearing my glasses, now I forget where I put them only to discover them sitting on my nose.
  • The worst sign that I am aging came last night while my wife and I were watching one of the home shows on television. While showing the beaches surrounding the newly purchased property the camera showed a group of people playing volleyball. My wife exclaimed, “that was a nude beach.” Huh? All I saw was volleyball players. Rewind the show, watch again, same result, just volleyball players. Turns out what I thought were swimsuits was the blurred spot the television producers inserted over the private parts of the naked people.
  • When you don’t notice naked volleyball players on television, you know you are getting old.

However, please don’t think I am complaining. Getting older is not always a bad thing. There are some positives to aging.

  • I have learned more about the Bible in my older age than I ever thought possible. There is still much to learn, but I know much more now than I did when I was in my twenties.
  • I tend to appreciate the blessings that I have in my life. I used to only be concerned with what I had going on each day but now I tend to reflect more on all that God has done in my life.
  • Speaking of blessings. I have my family. I have a wonderful wife and 2 great kids that are growing into wonderful adults. This is certainly worth aging for. You don’t get that when you are twenty.
  • And the biggest blessing of getting older? I got a Senior Citizens Discount at a restaurant. I didn’t think it was very humorous at the time, but my children will tell you that it was one of the funniest days of their lives. So I have to count that as a blessing as well.
  • Even after all of these years, God still has my back. If I haven’t chased Him away by now with all of my foolishness and mistakes, then I can count on the fact that He is here to stay. And that my friends is the greatest blessing of all.

Do you find yourself feeling older each day?

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4 responses to Signs of Aging

  1. I feel it everyday. And I actually kind of like it.

  2. Everystiningday I feel it. I used to dread what it would mean. But that means I am one step closer to heaven. I notice it when I ride by bike. The hills are getting tougher. I notice when I lift weights-the muscle doesn’t pack on like it used to (the weight does though). I notice when I get up and sit down and walk. The back and knees complain a lot more. I am getting older, but I am also wiser, more settled, less likely to go off half-cocked.

    • I know what you mean, I used to dread it as well. But now I’ve come to realize that we should just take advantage of every moment we are given. I appreciate each of them more and more every day.

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