Big Block Of Cheese Day

February 12, 2013 — 1 Comment

First, I thought I would explain why I call this post Big Block Of Cheese. Some of you who have not been around since the beginning may be a little confused by my title. The title comes from an episode of a favorite television show of mine “The West Wing.” This recurring theme throughout the shows lifetime got its start from a little piece of American history.

The Cheshire Mammoth Cheese was first made and presented to President Thomas Jefferson on January 1, 1802 by John Leland. Leland considered the cheese an act of “profound respect…to the popular ratification of his election.” The book Real Life at the White House[1] confirms that this story draws on actual events. Supporters of Andrew Jackson, not wanting Jefferson to outshine him, sent him in 1837 a 1,400-pound, four-foot-diameter, two-foot-thick (635 kg, 1.2 m diameter, 60 cm thick) block of cheese as a gift.[2] After two years of aging, he held a public “cheese tasting”. The event was heavily attended, and the cheese was consumed in two hours.

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In The West Wing, fictional Chief of Staff, Leo McGarry, introduces Big Block of Cheese day as a day set aside for the President’s staff to meet with people and interest groups who would otherwise not have the opportunity to express their ideas to the President. The staff does not really like the idea very much and refer to the day as “Crackpot Day” and “Throw Open Our Doors to People Who Want to Discuss Things That We Could Care Less About Day.”

In our version of Big Block of Cheese Day, we through open the doors of the blog to express those tiny tidbits of information that would not otherwise be entitled to a complete blog post.

  • As you well know by now, the Pope has announced that he will retire at the end of this month. There have been plenty of talk around the internet about this unusual occurance and even a help wanted ad placed on the Rome Craig’s List. But I only have one question, “What is going to happen to the Pope’s Push Mobile.” This mode of transportation designed for the Pope is the coolest thing since the Pope Mobile was introduced.

Pope's Wheeled Platform

  • There was a new app in the Apple iOS Store that is causing quite a stir this past week. This application is designed to test your patience and help you to gain more patience. You can find the app under the name Mailbox.

Mailbox Patience App

  • Actually the app is a new way to work with Gmail on your iOS device. However, the developers are slowly opening the application up to the public in increments to insure the functionality of their servers. So until you get invited into the application, the Mailbox app tells you how many people are in line in front of you and behind you, testing the patience of techies around the world.
  • I was watching TLC the other night and the following thought came to me. Did you know that TLC is supposed to be the abbreviation for The Learning Channel. It is hard to tell that these days, with shows such as Honey Boo Boo and the Gypsy Sisters the only thing we can learn from this channel these days is how NOT to act. The commercials for some of these stupid shows not only disturb me, they literally make me mad. (I was going to insert another picture but decided that I could not bear to do so.
  • My daughter sent me the following text message night before last. “Gives ‘Dog on tired’ a new meaning.”
  • Abbey AsleepThis is Abbey, my daughter’s Christmas present, a 5 month old Miniature Poodle. She is conked out, on the bed and laying on her back, after a day of playing with some other puppies.
  • iPad Bible App Saves The Day – According to NBC 40, it seems that some Atlantic City firefighters were being sworn in when they discovered that someone had forgotten to bring a Bible. In today’s tech savvy world, an iPad was handy and the firefighters used a Bible app on the iPad and swore their oath of office on the iPad app.  Pretty neat story but I can’t help but wonder how they could forget the Bible in the first place.

Swearing on the iPad

  • In our local newspaper today, there was an article about Rep. Walter Jones, Rep. NC. It seems that our congressman is in the process of finishing up a book. According to the article,  “The book is a confession written from notes Jones has kept through the years. ‘Its my continued way to say forgive me God for not listening to you’, he says.” The article continues to say that Jones regrets that during the time of the war in Iraq, he casts his votes based on politics and not based on what God was leading him to do.  I have met this gentleman on more than one occasion and know that he is a true man of God. I respect him for his admission and his desire to want to “make it right with God.” It is refreshing to see a politician admit this in public. If every Congressman and Senator would start listening more to God and less to politics, this country would be in much better shape than we are in right now.
  • Finally, the latest Apple news from this past weekend is that Apple is developing a “iWatch” or a smart watch. With the success of the Pebble Smart Watch, it only makes sense that Apple get involved with bringing their style and technology to our wrists. Watch out, Dick Tracy, the iWatch is coming.

What random thoughts do you have on your mind today?

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  1. I know a lady that went to Rome to see John Paul II. He got shot and she was shot as well. Or as I say, the Pope shot her.

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