Survival and Revolution

March 15, 2013 — 2 Comments

The Bible airs on The History Channel

As you probably have already figured out by now, this week’s video of the week is another sneak peek at The Bible series which airs this Sunday night on The History Channel.

As we enter into week 3 of the series we will see the Old Testament come to an end and then see a new chapter emerge as we enter into the New Testament. I am really looking forward to this week’s episodes as the series explores one of my favorite Old Testament books, Daniel. And of course who will want to miss the birth of the Messiah as episode 6 begins examining the life of Jesus.

As usual here are the summaries from this week’s episodes along with 2 sneak peek clips, both from episode 6. (the last hour of the show.)


400 years later, and the Jewish Kingdom has fallen. Under the leadership of the lowly King Zedekiah, who has refused to listen to the warnings of the prophet Jeremiah, the city of Jerusalem is taken by the ruthless and powerful leader of Babylon, King Nebuchadnezzar. The Jews lose their city and are led on a forced exile back to Babylon where they are enslaved. Here their faith is tested when they are forced to worship an enormous statue of the Babylonian king – to them an act of idolatry. And when Daniel’s three friends refuse to bow down they are thrown into the fire, but are saved by the Angel of the Lord. Nebuchadnezzar at first comes to faith, but his arrogance later leads to a time of insanity, leaving the empire vulnerable to defeat by the great Cyrus of Persia. But Cyrus will again test the Jews’ faith by ordering them not to worship God for a whole month. Nobleman and Jewish leader Daniel, a man of tenable faith, cannot abide, and when he is thrown into the lions’ den as punishment he has nothing but his belief to save him. But his faith endures, and God spares him. Cyrus, now understanding the power of Daniel’s God, allows the return of the Jews to Jerusalem. They have survived the Babylonian exile, and learned the importance of keeping God in their hearts.


The Romans dominate the Mediterranean through fear and oppression, and the Jews crave a new messiah. Instead they have Herod the Great, put on the throne by the Romans. When pious Jews rebel, Herod executes them. In Galilee, Mary and Joseph watch helplessly as tax collectors ransack their village. Then Angel Gabriel’s words to Mary change everything – she will bear a child, the Son of God. Bravely, Joseph takes Mary as his wife and on to Bethlehem for the census. Others are also traveling… Balthazar and other astrologers are tracking a new star. They enquire of Herod whether he knows where the prophesied King of the Jews will be born. As baby Jesus enters the world, these strangers are the first to pay their respects. But the next will be terrible – jealous Herod orders the death of all Bethlehem’s male babies. But he Holy family escapes. When they return years later, they find an even more divided land – Judea is now under direct Roman rule, headed by the ruthless Governor Pilate. Out in the wilderness, prophet John the Baptist shouts wildly that the Jews must repent, prepare, be baptized. Jesus appears, ready to take on his mission, and John baptizes him. Almost ready, he takes on Satan in the desert and emerges stronger, more certain. Now he just needs followers. He finds Peter, his first disciple, and now he is ready… the revolution can begin.

2 responses to Survival and Revolution

  1. I have enjoyed the series so far. I missed the first week so watched all 4 hours last Sunday. Don’t plan on doing that again. :) It has been well done. A glitch here and there but I consider it poetic license. looking forward to Sunday night.

    • I agree. I’ve really enjoyed it as well. And even my college theologian son enjoyed it.
      I think we do have to allow for some creative license to tell the story in such a short period of time as long as they keep the story true which they appear to have done do far.
      I do think they have succeeded in getting people talking about it.
      I’m looking forward to Daniels story this week.

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