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July 17, 2013 — Leave a comment

No, I haven’t been on vacation.  Because of my lack of new posts this week, I am sure that many of you thought that I had gone away to some tropical island but the sad truth is that I have just been busy.

Today I bring you another episode of the Big Block of Cheese. Bits of random thoughts and ideas that have been cluttering my mind over the past couple of weeks.

  1. The New Pope MobilePope Francis has a new ride. Even though his predecessors traveled in fancy luxury vehicles, that is not the way this pope rolls. In another show of humility, Pope Francis prefers to be driven in a $16,000 Ford Fusion. You have to admire someone who practices what they preach. It is a little hard for someone rolling up in a white Mercedes to talk to people about vows of poverty after all.
  2.  One of the books that I am reading for review here at a later date is a devotional book for couples. My wife and I have decided to read this together but unfortunately our schedules don’t work well together during the summer months. Each day for the past week, I have awakened to find the devotional book waiting for me on the arm of my chair. It always puts a smile on my face to know that earlier that morning she read the same pages and then left them for me to read. I know this might sound silly but it makes me feel closer to her even though we haven’t seen each other that morning. I guess I am just a romantic at heart.  (that should be our little secret)
  3. If you will be flying SouthWest Airlines anytime soon, be sure to bring your iPad. Earlier this month, SouthWest announced a partnership with DISH Network which allows all of the passengers on any SouthWest flight with wifi to watch television via their iPads absolutely free. No in flight wifi purchase is required, just you and your iPad. I’m already a big fan of SouthWest but this would be just the thing (along with the free baggage) for one to look to them first when booking flights. You can find out if your flight has wifi by visiting their website. And to learn more about this new program, you can check out their video on the same page.
  4. Earlier this evening, the Sunday School class that I teach got together to prepare a meal for the church as a fundraiser for a building project that we are just starting. It is a great feeling when God’s people get together to accomplish something good for Him. We had great participation from the class and prepared a wonderful meal. I do appreciate everyone’s efforts in making this fundraiser a success.
  5. Speaking of our Sunday School class, we have been studying the book of Ezra this month (following the International Sunday School Lesson plan). During these lessons we have looked at the rebuilding of the temple. These have been very timely lessons about the unity and dedication that it took to accomplish the monumental task of rebuilding God’s temple.
  6. Ask any Christian if he or she wants to do God’s will, and the answer will almost certainly be yes. However, discerning God’s will is a bit more difficult. It is important that we do not misinterpret our own wants and wishes as the will of God. Only by talking to our Creator and listening to Him can we really discern what God wants us to do.  It is important that as Christians we realize this and take the time to listen to Him.
  7. As I sit here in my living room typing away on my laptop, The Big Bang Theory is on television. I love this show and my favorite episode is currently playing: The Bath Gift Item Hypothesis. So I thought I would leave you today with a one of the funniest moments on television from this episode. (If you have never seen the show, you should go to the YouTube page for this video and read the background on the clip).

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