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A couple of days ago while at work, I walked by a copy of our local newspaper sitting on a table and an article on the front page caught my eye. The story that attracted my attention was about a visit to our local children’s hospital by a member of the NC Highway Patrol. This state of the art facility has just recently opened and the officer was visiting the children with a special NC Hwy Patrol wheelchair. Using this new “patrol car” the patients were riding the hospital corridors and writing tickets to staff who were walking unsafely in the hallways. Walk too fast or text while walking and one would be subject to a fine, payable in full using ice cream and candy as currency.

While this special interest story is really cool, it was the final couple of paragraphs of the article that really caught my attention.

One Highway Patrol officer was Will Hawkins, 7, who wrote several tickets to nurses and doctors for walking too quickly and clogging up the hallways.  Will’s father, Taylor Hawkins, said his son is supposed to come back home on Wednesday after 137 days at the hospital recovering from an injury. Initially, his family was told he had only a 5% chance to live.

“He’s been getting better and better every day,” his father said. “He’s walking, talking, and doing great.”

Taylor Hawkins said his family was at their church’s cemetery when Will climbed onto a cemetery stone and it fell on his head. He was airlifted to Vidant and stayed in intensive care for more than seven weeks. Will now is in the rehabilitation unit.

Will smiled and laughed while he handed out tickets left and right.

“He’s a miracle,” Taylor Hawkins said.

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I had no idea when I picked up the article to read about the children’s hospital that the article would have anything to do with Will. You see, my wife and Will’s mom went to high school together. We learned of the tragic accident the afternoon that it happened. As the details of the tragedy became clearer my wife and I both began to pray for Will and his family.

But we were not the only ones praying. Through the power of social media, Will’s family enlisted an entire army of prayer warriors to pray for Will. Our Sunday School class began to pray for Will. His prayer needs were added to the ChurchLink prayer board. Hundreds, if not thousands of people, around the country were praying for Will.

Each day, my wife would come home and give me the Will update, as his mother would continually post daily updates to Facebook. Throughout the past few months, it has become abundantly clear that their faith in God was giving Will’s family strength as they stood by their son’s bed. Each update on Will’s condition was positive, full of praise and thankfulness for each little blessing that their child received.

As a family of believers joined together to pray for this little boy, we rejoiced with each sign of improvement. Each squeeze of the hand, smile on the face, and each sound that was made, strengthened the resolve of his family and his army of prayer warriors.

One hundred and thirty-seven days later, God is rewarding this family’s faith and answering all of the thousands of prayers by allowing Will to once again return to his home, sleep in his bed, and live with his family.

We look to the Scriptures and see instances of God performing miracles in the lives of His children. In both the Old and New Testaments there are miracles that show us the power and majesty of our Creator. However, we serve a living God, a God who is involved in the day-to-day lives of His children even today.

22 And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”

Matthew 21:22 NIV

Miracles are not just events of the Bible. Miracles happen every day. We just have to ask for them and expect them to be answered. If you have any doubts about God performing miracles in our lives today, I know of a 7-year-old in North Carolina that you need to meet. One look and you will realize that we serve an amazing God, who is at work in our lives and still loves to perform miracles today.

Please join us and continue to pray for Will and his family as he continues on his road to a full recovery.


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