Five Travel Apps For Christians

July 11, 2013 — 1 Comment

Summertime is the time of year for lightning bugs, fresh tomatoes from the garden, hurricanes, and vacations. Each year families load up their vehicles and take off for a week of rest and relaxation. Some head to the beaches, some head to the mountains, others go towards the city, while those in the city tend to head to the countryside. The destinations may be different but the goal remains the same. Going somewhere different from where you live to play, rest, or just take a break from our normal lives.

Most family vacations have another thing in common as well. They all usually include impatient people stuck together in an automobile for long periods of time. Back in the days of my childhood, we did many things to make the time pass. Of course, today it is frowned upon to allow your children to sit on their knees, facing the rear of the car, and use the back window area to play with Matchbox cars. This same position is no longer an approved dining spot either. Of course back then if you were lucky enough to own a fancy station wagon, you had your own playground, dining room, and bedroom all in the comfort of the back of the family truckster.

One of the things that I always remember from my youth was the games that we played to pass the time while making these long drives. (any drive over 15 minutes is a long drive to a child) We would search out the letters of the alphabet on signs as we sped down the highway. Or we were counting four-legged animals on each side of the car as we drove through the countryside; but you had best watch out for the cemetery or you would have to bury all of your animals and start over. Sometimes we would see who could spot the most out-of-state license plates when traveling down the interstate. But regardless of which game we played, we were always trying to find ways to make the time go by faster.

As I grew older and had my own children, we would play some of these same games when we would take trips. Of course, eating or playing in the back window was always strictly prohibited and my children were forced to stay buckled in their seats. As my children grew older and technology has evolved, our travel games have gotten more and more sophisticated. Now we look to our phones and mobile devices to provide entertainment as we travel.

So today I have assembled the list of my top 5 favorite mobile applications for passing time while traveling. These applications will not only allow you to spend some time with your kids but share God’s Word with them. Before you know it, you all just might learn something.

  1. Bible Or Not – This is one of my favorite Bible quiz games and my family and I have used it while traveling many times. In this game, you are presented with a quote or a saying and it is up to you to decide if this is in the Bible or not. If the phrase is in the Bible, you receive the confirmation of the Scripture reference for the quote. And if it isn’t you will learn who made the saying famous. Be careful because this one is more difficult than it sounds. iTunes,  Google Play
  2. Bible Quiz – This is a great Bible trivia game, that has multiple options for playing. I prefer the endless play, which allows you to rack up as many points as you can until you miss five questions. Earn more points for your winning streak and challenge others on your trip to beat your score. iTunes
  3. Bible Who Am I – Another great Bible quiz game, this time focusing on characters in the Bible. iTunes,  Google Play
  4. The American Bible Challenge Game – Based on the popular television game show, this quiz program will keep everyone in the travel party occupied while teaching about God’s Holy Word at the same time. iTunes, Google Play
  5. YouVersion Bible – The reason that I chose this Bible application to round out my list of applications is that you should never go anywhere without having your Bible handy. And by using the YouVersion mobile Bible application, you can not only continue your daily readings but you can also have God’s Word read to you. What a great way to share the Holy Scriptures with your family. Listen to the Bible as you travel, talk about the passages you are listening too, grow closer as a family and to God as you travel. iTunes, Google Play

Spending time as a family learning more about God’s Word can be fun. It can also be a great way to pass time while traveling in the car. And don’t forget that you are making memories with your children that they will one day look back on for guidance as they raise their children. Spending time learning more about God is a great tradition to start sharing with your children.

So next time you find yourself on a long journey, try some of these apps to help you and your family learn more about the Bible.

What travel games do you play as you drive along our nation’s highways?

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